Vincent Lussenburg joined Xebia on April 1st, 2011 as a Senior Consultant.

Vincent is an IT professional with ten years of working experience in the enterprise Java world. He started out as a software engineer and changed to architect and technical lead over time. Vincent is a passionate developer who is continuously improving the way his team and he himself are building software. The last three years, Vincent has lead several projects at a large Dutch bank, where he has used agile processes to successfully meet critical deadlines. The success of these projects has greatly aided the adoption of Agile within the company. Vincent is currently working as IT Architect in a high-volume high-availability portal environment.

Before joining Xebia, Vincent worked for two other large IT companies as Java engineer and architect. He also acquired his cum laude master of science degree in Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam (part-time). He presented his thesis on the Models 2010 conference in Oslo.